Sunset - The Great Western Divide

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June 2012
Sequoia National Park, CA

I made this image the evening of the summer solstice in 2012. My daughter, Sabrina and I hiked in over Russell-Carillion pass to this incredible spot, Wales Lake. This lake is about five miles east of the John Muir Trail in the Wallace Creek drainage in Sequoia Park. We had both been here before, and looked forward to a return visit. I had already scouted another view in 2007, and I was ready to go this year. But then, Sabrina came running back from around a small ridge she was exploring late in the day. "Dad, you have to get over here", she said. She was right. I had no idea that all of the Kaweahs and the Great Western Divide would be so finely illuminated at sunset, and so amazing. These puffy clouds came by at sunset, and the light over the Great Western Divide was especially intense. The day was so long that this image and two others made a few minutes apart were done about 9PM!