Changing Aspens - Rock Creek Lake

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September 2013
Eastern Sierra, California

This particular morning in late September of 2013 took me by surprise. I did not expect a snowfall quite as low as Rock Creek Lake. I woke up late and realized the show level was below lake level. I rushed out of the house early on this Sunday morning and drove to Rock Creek arriving later than usual for me. I almost always work alone and there was a large group of photographers busily at work. And then I realized that I had never scouted the lakeside for images including water, fall colors, morning fog and new fallen snow. The light was fading fast, so I looked for locations still in the shade. The path had always intrigued me, and I walked a bit along it by the shoreline. The other photographers were a bit of a problem for me, but they had not disturbed the snow. I made several captures here, and forgot about the whole morning; it really did not seem fruitful, and I was disappointed in my results. Later I saw that I had done quite well! This print captures this exquisite morning of new fallen snow and Autumn color.