Alpenglow on McWay Falls

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April 2015
Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP, Big Sur, CA

Margaret and I taught a long weekend workshop at Big Sur in April 2015. We scouted the coast for several unforgettable days, and then met our wonderful workshop students on Friday afternoon. They were a special group! Several individuals made some special, memorable images over the weekend.  I enjoyed them immensely, one of the best parts of workshops is learning from my students. This image was done at McWay Falls. I made this capture on Saturday evening, it was near dusk.  The light was exquisite; most of the group was a bit north of me at this "decisive moment", but it really did not matter a bit. The northern group made many memorable images during  the same timeframe. The setting sun was far to the north, and in and out of the fog banks, it seemed like sunset lasted forever!