A Quiet Snowy Morning

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January 2016
Near Lee Vining, CA

I've had to remember about cold-weather shooting this winter, the plastic bags, shower caps, gloves, hats and all the rest. I've remembered days shooting with my old friend Galen Rowell. He had just turned 60, my age now. He was complaining that his hands were much colder than in his younger days. So true.  And my overall resistance to cold has really faded too! Nevertheless my equipment (not so important) and my knowledge of "finding" the intimate landscape (really important) has greatly improved! It is an exciting time to be a fine-art photographer at this stage of my life. I have learned how to be "mindful" when it counts, how to be "quiet" in the field. I am quite happy with how I "see" or "pre-visualize" my captures when working with my new Canon 5DS.