Workshop: Fall Colors Thoreau Country, Cradle of America's Environmental Movement

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October 19, 2017 - 2:00pm to October 22, 2017 - 1:00pm

What You Will Learn:

Fall colors in New England are legendary,
and Walden Pond, Estabrook Woods and Thoreau Country are historic locations. Make photographs of the fall's splendor in the places where Thoreau and Emerson ambled, and where America's environmental movement was born.


The dates for this workshop place you in peak color in Concord. Between Thursday evening and Sunday morning we will visit six special shooting locations. We will explore the iconic Walden Pond, Old North Bridge and little known places in the woodlands, meadows, ponds, rivers, and farmlands of Concord. You will have a chance to make memorable images while becoming a better photographer.

You will learn to make nature your palate through a mastery of composition in your mind's eye.  The starting point of any great image is the moment of capture, but it doesn't end there. Good composition is necessary, but not sufficient for truly stunning images. The camera is an interpretative tool. You will learn to start with composition, capture it with a camera, then breathe life into it, creating the emotional impact you felt at that first impression. You will do that by deepening your understanding of Lightroom CC as an artistic rather than a purely technical tool.  The end result is an image fit for a gallery or your wall.

-a3a0604.jpgYour guides and instructors for this workshop will be Vern Clevenger and Paul Roeder. Many people know Vern as a Sierra Nevada photographer, but in recent years he has discovered a love for New England in the fall. With his mastery of light, Vern will guide you in capturing the subtlety of the Concord landscape.

walden-morning-vc.jpgPaul Roeder is a 40-year resident of Concord who has spent his time walking and photographing this special town and its wild places. This workshop includes extensive shooting during this breathtaking season in New England, lectures on composition, and comprehensive Lightroom CC work on your captures throughout the long weekend!

Workshop Details:

Level: All levels of experience. Our small class size allows personalized instruction.

Max Students: 10

Focus: Six shooting sessions in Thoreau County, classroom instructions and critique opportunities. Lightroom CC - learn the secret techniques that Vern uses to produce his own prints.

Effort: Some hiking - the longest being 3 miles round-trip.

Location: Meet in Concord, Massachusetts. We will select 6 shooting locations in Concord known to Paul and Vern including Walden Pond, the Estabrook Woods, the Old North Bridge, and the Walden Woods.

Equipment: Entry level DSLR or equivalent is more than enough, sturdy tripod, variety of lenses (A full equipment list will be sent upon registration)

Included: Light breakfast daily; hearty lunch Fri/Sat; hot and cold beverages/snacks throughout.

Not Included: Lodging, car rental and air travel costs are NOT included. Concord is one hour from Boston Logan Airport. We can provide you with a number of local lodging and dining options.

Questions: Call 760-934-5100 or email

Workshop Requirements: Basic photography experience. Come ready to learn and have fun!!!

Workshop Schedule:

  • Purchase of this course includes a syllabus containing course details and key concepts about digital photography. You will get the most out of this course by reading it prior to the workshop.
  • When we meet on Thursday we will check your gear, answer questions, and go over equipment basics.
  • With cameras/tripods ready and questions answered, our first shoot will be Thursday afternoon at a special selected Concord location that depends on the conditions at that time.
  • We will greet Friday with an early morning shooting session at Walden Pond and then gather for Vern's lecture exploring the key concept of his 40-year career embodied by the Antoine de Saint-Exupery quote, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Then we will move on to exploring the "Visionary Wilderness" of photography as espoused by Galen Rowell. We will teach you to use your "right brain" to manifest your "inner vision." 
  • Friday will continue with visits to more select locations, then we will regroup at the hotel to load your images in Lightroom CC. This will give us the opportunity to critique your work and find your experience level with Lightroom. Less experienced students will receive more guidance while more experienced students can move at their own pace.
  • When the magic hours of photography again beckon, we will rely on Paul's intimate knowledge of the area to find the best places to capture afternoon images.
  • The pattern repeats itself on Saturday with more photography and Lightroom, then we add Paul's midday lecture, "Thoreau Country Photography by Herbert Gleason, Environmentalism, and Changes in the Land." The day ends with a visit to the spectacular Estabrook area.
  • Sunday morning we will visit breathtaking locations using our new skills to capture your treasured autumn photographs. All Lightroom CC work will supervised so that each student will leave the workshop with satisfying and memorable images.

Workshop Map:

Click on the pins to learn more about each location.