A Captivating Autumn Afternoon

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Octber 2016
Canyons of the Eastern Sierra, CA
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Memories elude me as to how long I've been thinking of this image, germinating in my right brain. I first became aware up this subject in the 1980’s, but in those years my composition and camera skills were nowhere near the levels needed to realize a subject of this complexity. I think the years since switching to my Canon digital camera have made a big difference. So has increasing maturity in my life, and increasing awareness of life around us all. I made several trips to this location since 2010 when I purchased my first Canon Mark II. There were no film costs, and I was completely free to follow my heart in the Aspen and Cottonwood forests of the eastern Sierra. As the seasons passed, my vision into new awareness increased, too, I could "see" the best light, the aspens, the reflections in the water, and the red willows. I knew how to make it work. Finally in 2016 I had my 50MB Canon in my pack. I had purchased it the year before, the day before my 60th birthday! (I had it shipped UPS Next Day Air)  A special treat was in order for that birthday, and what a treat this camera has been. It is an amazing tool for my work! It all “clicked” in artistic part of my brain for this capture on this afternoon. Two years have passed, and the image has grown and matured for me. I hope you enjoy it also.