What You Will Learn In Every Workshop

biopic.jpg“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


And to do that... It’s all about LIGHT.

What You Will Learn
Despite the many complicated features on modern digital cameras, Vern keeps it simple in all of his work and follows the same rule when working with students. This idea becomes even more important when capturing what could be a once-in-a-lifetime image. Vern wants the creative, right side of your brain to be in charge.
Vern loves to teach! And he wants you to learn from him. Class size is limited to ensure individual attention from Vern in the field and at the critique. 
Instruction includes discussions on both basic and advanced use of smart phones to professional cameras in landscape photography. You will learn lessons from Vern's syllabus, "Light on the Landscape". In the field, the first focus is on elements of compositions - from finding the elusive artistic image balance and light that "works", to seeing with "mindfulness".
You will leave Vern's workshop with a deep understanding of how to pre-visualize your work from the "mind's eye" to the finished product using Lightroom CC. In other words, you will learn how to "see with your heart" - the difference between taking a picture and creating a fine art photograph. Vern will teach many techniques used in his own photography - from making the best use of natural light to composing stunning images.
In the classroom, Vern covers the fundamentals of camera features you will use in the field.
In the field, careful attention goes into arriving on location with ample time to be set up and ready to shoot before the "magic" begins. Here you will learn to see and use light properly then apply what you learned in the classroom to making well composed images.
Based on Vern's personal experience of changing his workflow from Photoshop to Adobe Lightroom CC, you will learn many workflow techniques in this amazing version of Lightroom. We allow for plenty of time for critiquing and working on your best captures with Lightroom CC.
Margaret, Vern's wife, is always nearby to help Vern locate and assist you in the field and to make you as comfortable as possible while you're with us. Their 37-year marriage is anchored in their distinguished climbing history and raising their children with a passion for the mountains.
Their ultimate goal is to send you home with an elevated understanding and mastery of the photographic process along with renewed appreciation, fresh vision, and stunning captures of the beauty in the natural world around us.