Lake Mary - An Early Winter Morning

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November 2019
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I cannot even begin to say how many times I have been at Lake Mary. It is incredible that it is only minutes from town, and it is a special spot from my recovery from brain surgery back in 2004. My family and I have lazily--or sometimes intently--walked around the Lake. In 2004 I even enjoyed the presence of a near-pet young bear; he or she strolled out of the trees around the lake at the same time every morning, and walked by my side around a portion of the lake! I could have been walking my dog! I decided in the last few years that I needed to come up with a good photograph of Lake Mary. Naturally, time passed, I made many images from every corner of the Lake, and none were any good from my perspective. I just could not put my impression upon the scene. Until this day in November of 2019.  We had a light snowfall the night before and the sun was just peaking out in the morning. I arrived at the perfect time, with time to set up the camera without stress. The morning was amazing, and I hope this capture reflects my feelings of the moment.