Purchases with Us

Investment for Life.

We want your purchase with us to be a perfect experience.  This is an investment for life.  Our prints are produced with an archival process on materials that will last generations.  We cannot leave finishing details to on-screen simulations or check boxes next to photo samples.  Any customization will be made by direct consultation with Vern.

What am I purchasing at this store?

When you complete your checkout here, you have purchased the image of your chosen size with a standard matte for that image.  This purchase also determines your place in Vern's image preparation queue.  Vern will call you to discuss any framing or customization.  If you add framing or customization to the order, you will be invoiced for those options. All prints will have a $20.00 shipping cost added to your shopping cart. On larger orders we will discuss shipping options.

And please remember that we hand-produce each print. It can take four to six weeks to complete delivery. Thank you for your understanding!