Late Autumn and Yosemite Valley

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October 2012
Yosemite Valley, California

This was made at a famous turnout near the western edge of Yosemite. Countless photographs have been made at this "mature" location. One needs to take a hard look at a subject like this, and maybe return time and again until one can pre-visualize a new photograph. I have always admired the sunset shots with snow in the wintertime made here, but I wanted something different. Autumn is a magic time in Yosemite, and there were many more elements to work with at this time of year. There were many other photographers present and all were grumbling about the light, or the haze, or one thing or another that was not working for them. I was a bit amused! I have learned to always work with whatever is available , to make the best of any situation. Many times any session is practice for the next time and luck favors the prepared.  I had set up in this exact location several times before, and I was ready for the few moments of perfect light.