Autumn along Lundy Creek

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October 2012
Lundy Canyon, California

Lundy Canyon is a quintessential example of my habit of working a location over and over to realize a "mindful" image. During the years that the family lived in Bishop, the canyon was just to far away to visit regularly in the fall. We moved back to Mammoth in 2003, and I began to scout the area. I wanted to go "beyond" the usual spots in the canyon. This process took years to complete! It was in the autumn of 2011 that I returned and begin to make some excellent images. The next year it was time to scout for a workshop in 2012. I found this location during a careful drive along the Lundy road. I made a few shots that day and took the workshop students back. They all made wonderful images at this location. Finally the following week, I was able to be in just the right place, with justĀ  the light and at the right time. More important I felt relaxed and very "mindful" that day. I am quite pleased with the contrast of colors in this scene, and the overall luminosity of the photograph.