The Milky Way and the Clark Range

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June 2015
Yosemite National Park, California

I made this image of the Milky Way and the Cockscomb and the Clark Range from high in the Cathedral Range. June to a wonderful time for the Milky Way. It appears early in the evening and lasts all night. My daughter, Sabrina, was with me. We both loved the experience; it was very cold and windy. We bivouacked in a cave near the crest! The Milky Way and night time shooting has been a wonderful learning experience for me over the last year or so. Despite the reputation that "digital photography" is easy, not everything is a snap in the digital world. There are many different setting and lenses to consider at night time. Things like high ISO speeds, white balance, long shutter speeds, faster lenses, noise issues, and more. Not all of my efforts have worked out! As I say in workshops, "the inevitable failures provide important clues to eventual success".  Galen Rowell was a long-time friend and mentor. He believed in that mantra. The idea is so true that even if I think I "nailed" an image the first time; I can almost always go back and make it better.