SuperMoon, Yosemite Back-Country

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November 2016
Yosemite National Park

It seems like life is always busy. Margaret and I live just over Tioga Pass from Yosemite in Mammoth, but we had not would been able to make a visit this year. Tioga Pass closed at the end of October, but then reopened this past week in November in time for the Super-Moon.

We were thrilled to have time for a three-day visit. But I was a bit flummoxed about choosing a location. Since we are close to the winter solstice I knew the Moon would rise far to the North. All locations that I have learned about over the years along the Tioga Pass Road, required hiking to locate the Moon near a recognizable landmark. Our schedule did not allow for any hiking on the drive to the park, so we drove to a location on the Glacier Point Road that I have used previously. It was perfect timing, the moon appeared just after the light left Vogelsang and Florence Peak, and in time to catch the earth's shadow to the east. The moon rises fast in the winter months, and I had only minutes to make good captures.