The Sutro Baths at Dusk

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May 2016
San Francisco, CA

We visited San Francisco for my medical check-ups earlier this month. My son Dylan, and his companion Dahlia, were along and we made time the evening before the tests to photograph at the Sutro Baths, just north of the famous Cliff House Restaurant. Later I was teaching a private workshop to a wonderful student here in Mammoth. I have always said to "get it right at the moment of capture" in the camera. But my student mentioned that in previous years, that meant to make it look "good" in the review mode, using a relatively normal exposure, and split neutral density filters. But now I want to "capture all the information I need on my sensor", and it doesn't really matter how it looks like during the review mode. Reflecting later about his idea, I realized that I slipped unknowingly into this newer mode of working. It was a great moment in my teaching of workshops.  And the idea is importantly for all of us.