Autumn along McGee Creek

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October 1998
Eastern Sierra, California

Having driven, run, and walked by McGee Canyon Pack Station for at least ten years, my son pointed out this bend in the creek in the fall of 1998 and said “what about here?” With my homemade 8 x 10 view camera and a 240 mm lens, I shot this first fall image. My 8 x 10 long gone, I returned in spring of 2000 with my 4 x 5 and a 90 mm lens – a much wider angle. The foreground log had since fallen across the creek, and the springtime aspen needed soft light just after a rainfall. The winter image proved to be the most challenging. I needed snow, but too much would bury the subject and creek and close the road for the winter. My wife had our 4x4 truck in Mammoth, so I drove our Nissan Sentra, broke two chains and wrecked our brand new paint job as one slapped the outside fender!