Full Moonrise, Autumn along Mammoth Creek

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October 2013
Mammoth Lakes, California

This photograph is another one of a long list that took years to visualize, but then only a day to realize. I had stopped for many, many autumn seasons at these trees, always looking towards the south and Laurel Mountain. It never seemed to work out to my satisfaction. And again in 2013 the same idea failed again. I went off to my daughter's volleyball game in town and looked at the moonrise/sunset times for the next day on my IPhone. At that instant the "lights clicked in my brains". I knew that late in the year the moon would rise in the northern sky, and that the timing looked good for the full moon. I was scouting the next day. It didn't seem to look quite right in any location, so I picked what I felt to be the most promising spot. Needless to say, when I saw the moon start to light up the evening dusk to the east, in just right spot, I focused all my attention! Many times when I am shooting, I know that any given setup is special, just like here watching the full moonrise this October.