The Blue Hour, in the Redwoods

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September 2021
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This capture happened on my second of two trips the same day. I had been to this spot in the northern Redwoods about an hour before, and took a bad fall right at the cliffs. That was a scary moment for me! I ended up with a sprained rib and dinged the brand new camera, and I wondered if maybe I shouldn’t be going to dicey places getting older. The captures during that golden hour had been disappointing, but back at camp I decided I had to go back for blue hour. Needless to say, I was a lot more careful later in the evening and had better shoes. The second trip was well worth it. The last minutes of blue hour, the light on the foreground foliage, and the distant sky combined to make an amazing capture! Maybe the Crocs I wore in the early evening were a terrible idea...