Workshop: Sierra Autumn Splendor

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October 15, 2020- 7:00pm to October 18, 2020 - 1:00pm

What You Will Learn:

Autumn is magic in the Eastern Sierra!

Vern is almost ready to retire from teaching workshops, but the 2019 group insisted that the Autumn workshops continue. There are many reasons for this decision, including memory issues from brain treatment and the stress of setting workshops. And it really is harder to get a good night's sleep in your sixties! But I love teaching, and every single student wanted me to continue. This year I will tailor the workshop to account for a good night's sleep (for myself and for my clients!), and spend all the work. So it is yes for 2020. Vern is committed to private workshops, they are easier in the field, easier to organize, and the clients can pick a time that works them! This workshop could be an earlier weekend too.

Brilliant yellows, oranges and reds you can count on year to year - vibrant color interspersed with deep forest greens, blue-grey granite cliffs; deep, rugged canyons to lofty mountain tops of the Sierra Nevada covered in the season's first snow. This workshop is scheduled to capture the colors at their finest; it is a perfect opportunity for the intermediate/advanced photographer to further explore composition as well as deepen their understanding of the elusive idea of “artistic balance.”

You will learn to make nature your palate through a mastery of composition in your mind's eye.  The starting point of any great image is the moment of capture, but it doesn't end there. Good composition is necessary, but not sufficient for truly stunning images. The camera is an interpretative tool. You will learn to start with composition, capture it with a camera, then breathe life into it, creating the emotional impact you felt at that first impression. You will do that by deepening your understanding of Lightroom CC as an artistic rather than a purely technical tool.  The end result is an image fit for a gallery or your wall.

All participants agree that one of the best features of Vern's workshops is his unmatched knowledge of shooting locations amassed over four  decades of living and wandering Eastern Sierra. Not only does he have an intimate knowledge of unknown locations of breathtaking beauty, but he has acquired an uncanny ability to predict the most spectacular light and color almost down the minute on any given day. He instinctively knows how to get to the best color using the most ideal light - even as the season progresses! Students often consider these workshops a "guiding service" to the best locations and then advance in their photography with the invaluable critique sessions! And this year, the New Moon aligns with our dates, and we will have one special evening reserved for night shooting.

Although the workshop is designed for intermediate/advanced photographers, folks with less experience benefit greatly and are welcome. And there is additional instruction (at no charge) AVAILABLE BEFORE each class for students who might extra time to get up-to-speed. Vern will work with everyone in the field at their level, and this primarily a shooting workshop!

Workshop Details:

Level: All levels of experience. Our small class size allows personalized instruction.

Max Students: 8

Focus: Classroom instruction, up to five shooting sessions in the field, critique sessions. Lightroom CC - learn the secret techniques that Vern uses to produce his own prints.

Effort: Some hiking - the longest being 2.5 miles at high elevation of 10,000 feet.

Location: Meet at Bleu Handicrafts Foods. 7PM on October 15. Vern will select/guide 5 shooting locations from Rock Creek, Convict, McGee, Lee Vining, Lundy, and Bishop Creek Canyons.

Equipment: Entry level DSLR or equivalent is more than enough, sturdy tripod, variety of lenses (A complete equipment list will be sent out upon registration)

Included: Light breakfast daily; hearty lunch Fri/Sat; hot and cold beverages/snacks throughout.

Not Included: Lodging (The Westin, Best Western, Motel 6), transportation to and from Mammoth, alcoholic beverages, dinners, anything not specifically listed as included.

Questions: Call 760-934-5100 or email

Workshop Requirements: Basic photography experience. Come ready to learn and have fun!!!

Workshop Schedule:

  • When we meet on the first evening we will check your gear, answer questions, and go over equipment basics.
  • With cameras/tripods ready and questions answered, our first morning of Friday at a special selected near Mammoth. Further ideas come from the 'right-side" of Vern's brain! 

 Workshop Map:
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