A Moment of the Milky Way in June

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June 2019
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I had the first thoughts about "pre-visualizing" this image in the right-side of my brain, while scouting for a workshop in September 2016. I checked my trusty star-chart and my compass, and became aware of the possible times of year. July was perfect. I have two versions of this image, the 2019 is far better! Look below for the original story, and how much I have learned in two years. I focus in the field now, some of settings have been modified, and I have a camera just for the Milky way! "This year the sky was crystal clear. As I teach in my workshops, I prefocused my lenses at my Gallery, all my other settings were dialed in too. As I have said for years in my teaching workshops, luck favors the prepared. About 10:00, I glanced at my idea. Even after all these years, I was astonished by the light. My trusted daughter, Sabrina, was along to help with composition and lighting. The image shown here has almost no post-processing. It just goes to show that our ideas do sometimes succeed in making a dream come true. It's all about the light!"