A Sidewall in Bishop

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April 2023
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The camera is what corrals it, captures it, catches it, and sometimes steals it. The photograph is what I see, what I think I see, what I feel I saw, maybe what I imagined I saw, mostly I make it what I want to see.”
Derrick Vocelka
I was sitting in a coffee shop here in Bishop, and thankful that this town has changed so much in twenty, ten, or really in five years. Really it is amazing, there are so many younger climbers who have a refreshing view of life, and many new locals have out-of-town jobs, which are all online. Bishop has turned into a wonderful place to live. But back to my coffee break, this place has good sandwiches, and I was thinking and meditating about life, when I noticed the windows were open just a bit, and I glimpsed this wall in the next block. How could have never seen this before? I was a bit perplexed about this, I am usually quite good at seeing with my camera. Seeing is where it is in ART and PHOTOGAPHY.  SEE with the right-side of your brain next time. It works!