A Vision of the Heart

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August 2022
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Margaret and I are about ten days into our fall journey into the Pacific Northwest, the Canadian Rockies and then eventually onto the Upper Michigan Peninsula and fall splendor on Wisconsin. We are camped at the beautiful Cape Flattery in the northwest point of Washington state. There was beautiful weather to Crater Lake and beyond, but it has been wet and rainy in the Olympics. It’s a perfect time photographing but hard and a bit unfriendly for us to camp, since we are natives from the Sierra Nevada at home.

The process of finding this image, walking upon the oceanfront logs, and looking for the just the right spot location was still ok for my very used knees, and I KNEW IT WAS CORRECT as I caught the Arch in the corner of my eye. I have been using my camera for so long, I was SURE. The correct camera settings automatically were in the camera, a few seconds spent deciding where to zoom, and then I was fully committed to the right-side of my brain to refine the composition, and then waiting a few minutes for the correct sunspot to below the arch. It all came together!

I felt much excitement back at my computer in LightRoom, the capture was processing in minutes, just like in the field. For me it was a once-in-lifetime moment.