A Haunting Reminiscence of the Anasazi

A Haunting Reminiscence of the Anasazi

That day, long ago in the summer of 2001, promised to be unbearably hot. Dylan and I quietly entered Pueblo Bonito at dawn. No other visitors that morning. Who had been here over one thousand years ago? What happened to their culture? Why did they suddenly leave?

Here is my original narrative from that morning...

"This series of aligned doorways in the great ruins of Pueblo Bonito gives me a glimpse into the qualities of community which must have been very strong in the ancient pueblo peoples. Family, spiritual beliefs and the trials of living in an arid environment drew this culture together to build this impressive multi-story stone structure which contained over 800 rooms. Up to 1000 people lived there between A.D. 900 and 1200. Arrow straight roads radiate outward from the pueblo like spokes of a wheel, clearly pointing out the significance of Pueblo Bonito as a powerful center of culture."

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