A Rainy Autumn Afternoon

A Rainy Autumn Afternoon

Have a wonderful Holiday!!!

Here are some new thoughts!

I’ve been sitting here in my Gallery, watching the snow falling, and falling, and thinking that I am not as happy with winter these days in my life! When my wife and I were younger we couldn’t wait for snow, but not in our sixties, our feelings are a bit different. A bike ride in Bishop sounds literally nice! I was looking through my collections of images from the autumn of 2018 (I am still processing them in Lightroom!). It is seldom that, in any given autumn season, I get any new images that I can work into my portfolio, but I very much enjoy photographing in October in the Sierra. It is amazing what a perfect autumn season we had that fall. Here is one I came across... Autumn 2018 was great season to reflect on my photographic career, and to become more skilled for me too. And to pass these ideas back to my workshop clients.

All the best,

Margaret and Vern