A Visit to Point Reyes National Monument

A Visit to Point Reyes National Monument

During my latest visit to the Bay Area for my medical stuff at UCSF (all was fine again!), I made time for the long two-hour drive out to Point Reyes. It is so far from San Francisco that I have been out there only once since my surgery in 2004.

In December there were no tourists about. It was cold and windy this early winter afternoon. I had made a visit back in 2000 to this southern point in Point Reyes near the lighthouse. On that trip, the timing led me this viewpoint in the middle of the day in April - not an auspicious moment for a good photograph! This time, after hiding from near gale-force winds for over an hour on the lee side of my camera pack, I began shooting at about 4:10. The "golden hour" came and went. There were some good captures but nothing special. In this digital age, the "blue hour" (after sunset, just before dusk) can be very rewarding. I believe that the "blue hour" combined with insightful knowledge of how to massage your captures in Lightroom, can lead to remarkable results. I wish there was an easy way to teach and learn this idea in Lightroom, but I am convinced that this knowledge has to come from one's creative "juices" after a good working relationship with LR has been obtained. Lightroom is an amazing piece of software, but it takes years to realize one's vision. And I am still learning...

Below is another image from San Francisco.

In the earlier years of my career, I made many images in this genre. I think the idea came from my mentor in Nevada City, Steve Solinsky. He was a master at finding ideas that made his viewers ponder, "what is happening just past the window in the upper part of the capture?"

These days I seldom make the time to shoot in this manner. I am remembering my own advice in my workshops. If something moves you inside, make a picture of it. The moment will be gone in an instant. With no film costs now, there is little reason NOT to make that capture. I will take my advise, and shoot when I am moved...

I will be showing many new images over the Holidays in front of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Von's Mall. If you are in Mammoth between December 20 and December 31 (closed Christmas Day), stop by and say hello. Hours are around 11 to 6 each day, but you can call me for information or if you want to see me at a different time.

We wish for you a great Christmas and New Year with your friends and family!

Vern and Margaret