La Puerta #512

La Puerta #512

At times I miss this deliberativeness of my old 4x5 cameras. There were no zoom lenses, film was about $5.00 per capture in 2006. I needed to be so careful, really this meant being emotionally mindful, and at the same time, very left-brained to make the needed exposure adjustments. Pondering this more; I am very happy with my 50MP Canon 5DS. Digital cameras can remove most of the left-brain work in photography, leaving the photographer in a wonderful state on mindfulness. Here is the original story from 2006.

"This image was done in an amazing, but very petite development just off North Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. The theme is "San Miguel de Allende" in Mexico, and I'm sure that I was more successful here than I might have been during a whole trip to San Miguel. I made several images in the span of two hours while my daughter, Sabrina scouted the next location. The whole area is probably only 50 feet long! Every few feet is a new doorway, or window exquisitely finished, just waiting to be photographed. The bottom of this particular image is slightly out-of-focus. I realized later that I needed stronger reading glasses to be able to use my camera. It gets harder very year!"

This image is available in several sizes and surfaces.

All the best!

Vern and Margaret