Soul  of the Coastline

Soul of the Coastline

I have been working on a "Soul of the Desert" gallery for my webpage. But Winter is always a time for introspection, and a time to peruse older work. Most, but not all, Milky Way images are made from two or more captures to balance the extreme contrast of brighter stars and a very dim foreground. I combined the Milky Way and the Sea Stacks, and instantly I was sure that I created the "Soul of the Coastline". The capture was so dramatic on my computer, and even more so as the first print came off my EpsonSC9000 printer. My Photoshop skills have declined over the years. Lightroom is amazing for me, and I have combined very few images in my career using Photoshop. I must have spent parts of two days remembering how accomplish this! All those layers and masks, and then finishing with the Healing Brush and the Clone tool to clean up the image seemed to consume all afternoon.

Margaret and Vern