Spring in the Eastern Sierra

Spring in the Eastern Sierra

Springtime in the eastern Sierra is a variable changing season. The weather changes day by day. One moment the Aspens are bare, then a bit of green in the leaves, the next day might have a light snowfall. There are some amazing days on Mammoth Mountain in April and May. The canyons in my area are my favorites. There are remembrances of amazing colors the previous autumn, then snowfall in the winters, and hints of thRock Creek - Late Autumne summer to come shortly.

Here is one of my favorite nearby canyons late last fall. This capture may have been made in November. And below there is another image of the same canyon made last Tuesday morning on May 1.

Really the key for learning; it is not waiting and waiting for the "right" light. Some days, I'm not very patient in the field. The lesson is the same as in my last several posts. It is a matter of mindfulness in the field. Develop a "quiet" mind when shooting. Leave the issues, both positive and negative, of the "real" world behind. Learning how and where to work in Rock Creek Canyon consumed years of my career and life. My early notes/stories of images in Rock Creek mentioned that it are was "difficult" to make good photographs. Now all these years later, there are photographs to be found everywhere.

All the best, Margaret and Vern

Spring in the Sierra