The Carmel Mission Corner

The Carmel Mission Corner

This image was made long, long ago, way back in 1997. Dylan was eight, and I remember him chasing his baby sister, Sabrina, who was crawling everywhere inside the Mission. It was the heyday of 4x5 imagery using Fuji Velvia film. And this is still a fine photograph. Here is the original story.

"Our family embarked on a wonderful long road trip so my wife, Margaret, could work on her counseling certification in Santa Cruz. Carmel Mission is one of the most exquisite settings of the entire California chain of missions. Father Junipero Serra considered this his home, and he is buried just inside the door of this photograph. A late afternoon cloud cover lowered the contrast just enough to make this image work. It was also necessary to carefully schedule my shooting time due to the many weddings that take place inside this renowned chapel on any Saturday. Another interesting aspect of this image is that it doesn’t need a lot of colorful flowers to make it work."

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Margaret and Vern