The Winter of 2017 Continues

The Winter of 2017 Continues

Finally the sky is clear in the Sierra Nevada. Here in Mammoth we had snow almost every day the last two months. The California Department of Water Resources, is saying this winter is on track to be the heaviest recorded in California. There is a more than 200% of normal is the southern Sierra. I am going to have to investigate the legendary winter of 1861 - 1862!

It has been difficult to make time for new work in the field. There was TOO much snow to deal with. We had to keep up some skiing! And there was endless shoveling, shopping when the store had a delivery etc. Roads were frequently closed, and it was arduous to arrange time after all these responsibilities (it was easier to have a glass of with my wife, Margaret), at the correct time to shoot, with good access on the highways.

I made the image above from Conway Summit (good access!), late in January. I believe it took me three trips to get a soft-light look in the clouds and the White Mountains. There are so many photographs from this location and I wanted a new look. I made a five stitch pano of verticals images, and imported them into Lightroom. Only a few adjustments were made later. I was really after a natural look.

Here is another capture made at Convict Lake earlier in the month, just a few days after the panoramic version in the last post. Again this is a very natural image, just a few changes to exposure.

When I am out with my camera, I feel and respond to what isinthe right-side of my brain. I identify what I'm feeling about the landscape, then pull out viewing card to establish a location for my tripod. The rest comes naturally after all these years. Aperture, DOF, ISO and the other technical points. What is most important is what I say first in every workshop, "It is only the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye".- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We wish you all the best in photography and life.

Vern and Margaret