Tricky Lighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tricky Lighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico

This is another image made long in New Mexico. I was recovering from the first of my brain tumor treatments that October of 2004. Margaret and I had our children with close friends for a long weekend, and we decided to make a trip to Santa Fe. Even in this digital age now, I ALWAYS make a point of looking for bounce-lighting for my subjects in open-shade. One can come close to this idea by using Lightroom in full shade. But why not get in correct in the camera? There were several images here, and I chose a subject illuminated by bounce-light from a large white SUV parked out front.

Here is the original account from that day...

"This image caught my eye in Santa Fe while strolling towards Canyon Drive, considered one of the art meccas of the United States. A big white SUV, which happened to be parked in front of the scene, bounced light back into the photograph. The bounced light created the light airy southwestern feeling, matching my impression of New Mexico. The image was in open shade and was relatively easy to photograph because of the light from the SUV. Margaret wandered inside the store to request permission to photograph, and to ask if we could close the door. She browsed about the store filled with antiques of New Mexico, answering the question, “What’s behind the door?” This was made with a 4x5 view camera and a  210 mm lens (a very slight telephoto lens)."

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Margaret and I wish you a long, warm summer after the long winter we experienced this past year!