We love the Big Sur Coastline; Our 2017 Big Sur Workshop

We love the Big Sur Coastline; Our 2017 Big Sur Workshop

I can not believe that our Big Sur workshop was in March and that I am now making time to post about that wonderful sojourn. The winter of 2016-2017 has been tough in Mammoth. Endless shoveling, and the roads have been hard to deal with each day. The endless winter storms have been hellacious too. 

The Little Big Sur

The workshop was a wonderful respite from Mammoth. As it turned out, my wife Margaret was unable to make the trip. I missed her terribly during the shooting sessions, and her company is always invaluable. I have a good client, who has become a great friend from Concord, MA. Paul Roeder was able to fill in for the weekend and was great with the clients. I had my misgivings about that weekend. The winter season has been even worse for the residents of Big Sur. Highway 1 is closed from the town of Big Sur southwards for at least six months, maybe longer. For us the weekend was great, but my heart goes for the residents and workers of Big Sur.

We scheduled ample time to scout the north coast of the Big Sur Coastline. And the scouting/workshop was a wonderful learning experience for me. There was very little traffic and visitation for the whole time we were on the coast. Friday morning had construction vehicles, but that was really all we had to deal with for the entire week.

Here are three captures from the week, two made during the workshop. The top view is looking down Soberanes Beach. This was done during the workshop. Next is the mouth of the Little Sur River. And finally a close-up at the south end of Garrapata Beach during the last minutes of our time together.

And about our time together. My workshop group was really special, and a treat for the instructors. THANK YOU. And for all my awesome clients out there, whether you have participated in my workshops or not, please consider the 2018 workshop. Many folks consider the Big Sur Coast the beautiful coastline in the world. I will have it on our new webpage in a few days.

Margaret and I wish you all the best in life, your family, and in your photographic endeavors this year.


Here are my student shooting at Soberanes Beach and at Garrapata Beach over the weekend.