Working and More Work on Inner Concepts

Working and More Work on Inner Concepts

As I have mentioned before, "It's only with the Heart that One can see Rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye".

I have spent years and years working on these images. Both of them present considerable challenges in their implementation. And as I say in all my workshops, once you master the principles of photography, the success of any image is mostly about LIGHT.

The capture just above is from the Alabama Hills, the image is located in a very constrained location and is a tough setup. There are depth-of-field issues. I must have tried dozens of times here, this is my best so far. As always though, I have more ideas inside the right-side of my brain.

The top image is part of the incredible lupine fields in the Owens Valley. Another tough situation, how many images have we viewed from here? They are always pretty, and pleasant to review, and we might have nice memories attached to those moments. But how many are really special? How many reveal our inner visions? How many are not common? Is there a distinctive version that expresses one's inner ideas about these amazing lupines? I must have photographed here for at least 15 years! I am happy with version shown here.

Give these ideas your best efforts, and be able to go back again, and again, and maybe more!

Margaret and Vern