Clearing Storm - Going to the Sun Highway

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September 2022
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I have been stalling writing this post! Our odyssey has been delightful, and the autumn colors have been past outrageous the past few weeks. We are in Pictured Rock National Lakeshore in Michigan now; the maples and birch have peaked during our visit!
Looking back two weeks or so ago, here are three images from the famous Glacier Park in Montana, during our time there, the colors came into their best over Logan Pass, and we were able drive the road on the last day it was open in 2022. It was a cold cloudy day to start, buy as we slowly drove to the top, the peaks popped out one by one. I was shooting madly at every turn out, but it turned out my vision was clearer lower down, even with the majestic mountains towering over the slow highway. I have included a wonderful aspen image done right on the road, another from down on Flathead River, and my favorite of the trip, a late dusk shot of Lake McDonald and the crest of the Rockies. We wound being “stuck” in Glacier for a week. And it was wonderful! A quote from Headspace is the key to my success on the last day. “If you just grabbed your phone out of boredom, try looking up and inward and notice the world around you instead.” The capture at Lake McDonald was brewing for few days in the right side of my brains!
I hope you have a wonderful experience on your visit!