Dogwoods near Yosemite

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October 2019
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The Autumn of 2019 was not all that special here in the eastern Sierra. Some moments were beautiful, but overall there were two early freezes that wrecked all of the high Aspens. Later and at lower elevations, the Autumn Color was wonderful. Still, for me the best locations were in Yosemite. I made two trips to the Park, one on way the way to UCSF--for those of you who follow my medical history, all is still well. It's been 15 and half years now! Then I made a second trip to the Valley earlier this month. The autumn is later in Yosemite than in previous years, and the colors were spectacular both times. I'm not sure if the colors were better, brighter or more saturated? Am I seeing more possibilities? Both? I'm thinking the freezes here in Mammoth did not affect the Valley nearly as much. In any case, the Valley is one to remember next year.  In photography terms, I really do not know it nearly as well as the area around Bishop and Mammoth, and I'm excited to find out!