Harvest Moon, Rising over Drake's Bay

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September 2021
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A good friend had planned this image with me for the better part of a year. We have spent many trips over several years photographing at Point Reyes together, but he lives on the east coast and, due to COVID, we ultimately had to put our plans on hold. I decided to still make the trip while I was on the coast for my six-month brain checkups in San Francisco. Margaret and I booked a campsite at one of our favorite spots. It was my first night with my new Sony A7R IV camera, and I admit I was worried on the drive over to Drake’s Bay. 

Full moon images are hard to plan, hence planning for a year! There are dozens of Apps that give you moonrise information -- the time of moonrise, the angle and position in the sky, and of course, the night of the fullest moon. While it’s very helpful for planning, it can be distracting in the moment. This image was ultimately the night prior to the full moon, and I shot from the heart, using my knowledge of sunrises and sunsets to guide the capture. This image is special because of the waves leading out to the right-hand horizon, the reflection of the Earth Shadow, and of course, the full moon rising over the famous Drake’s Bay!