Point Reyes Vanishing Point

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April 2019
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I made it to UCSF for all of my tests—all is fine—and then on to Point Reyes for three days of …. rainy shooting! I have been sorting through images though, and as always, bad weather equals great photography. This image is yet another subject that came together after years of having the concept in mind. I believe that I first saw the possibilities at this location way back in 1988. Until the last few years, there had not been much opportunity to visit Point Reyes since 1987, but I have really discovered the beauty of the area, and it is so close to San Francisco. Still, I had several times just here at this spot over the last few years. It has great potential, but the light and clouds really have to align to make an artistic impression. For this capture, I wanted the yellow lines on the road would begin at the lower right corner, but the fence posts and flowers had to be just right, too. The fence and yellow lines had to come together at a vanishing point in the image, the sky had to have broken fog, and I wanted just a touch of the ocean visible below. The exposure needed to carefully “placed” so that none of the details were lost. This capture was all about knowing Lightroom, and what the software would be able to “bring” out of a very dark capture. No HDR or split ND filters were used. I am quite happy with it!