Moonrise over Upper Marie Lakes

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July 2014
Ansel Adams Wilderness, California
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I made this stunning image of the moonrise over Upper Marie Lake with my daughter, Sabrina, just before her senior year of High School. We embarked on a six-day circuit around Mount Lyell in Yosemite National Park. I was amazed out how little use the area receives once you are off the John Muir Trail. It was hard to find any signs of previous use in any of the five-day cross country days that were part of our journey. We entered a rainy monsoon period on the third afternoon; there was a large downpour and just before sunset this vista appeared in the east. I stitched five images together in Photoshop to complete the processing. Later we missed our ascent of Mount Lyell. We had just finished Mount McClure when Sabrina noticed my hair was standing straight up! That meant that lightning was imminent. It was past time to run from the summit ridge, and get down the glacier.