Autumn Panoramic in the Estabrook Woods

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October 2015
Concord, Massachusetts
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Margaret and I were visiting our daughter, Sabrina, at Yale this fall of 2015. She had a five-day weekend, we all piled into our rental car for a visit to the New England states. I had photographed here when she was a freshman, but the results were a bit mediocre. This time I had a former workshop student, who is now an accomplish photographer himself, guide me around the Concord, Massachusetts area. We visited Vermont too. And then down to friends in the Catskill mountains of New York. This year the colors were truly beautiful! My friend in Concord had done a really wonderful job preparing for my visit. We were lucky with the weather too. Rain, clouds, and in-and-out sun all day there. And I was just fortunate to experience a wonderful rainy, misty morning in New York. I had my new Canon 5DS ready to work. And luck favors the prepared. Sometimes things work out, and sometime they don't…