The Kaweahs - Sequoia National Park

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June 2016
Sequoia National Park, CA
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 I had envisioned this image over the years. A panoramic from the Black Kaweah to Mount Kaweah seemed "preordained" to me. I stored the idea in my memory, and finally returned with Margaret after a 35 year hiatus. All was well ... until I slipped and kicked the tripod and my Sony A7R into the lake. I knew this image was important to me, and most likely the best of the trip. I was more than bummed out about the loss of this capture. Not all that bummed about the camera. I have been at this for the better part of 40 years, and stuff happens. But the chance to return here again seemed remote. The camera was dead. Later I had a hunch, I switched the on/off button on the camera, and it did turn on. It was a "Hail-Mary" moment, and I raced back with my tripod to my selected location. I managed to make two sets of this composition, then the camera was gone. Miraculously, this final image, the one taken after the camera had a chance to dry out and just before it died was intact!