Calla Lilies - Big Sur

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April 2016
Big Sur Coastline, CA
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This capture was made during our 2016 workshop to the Big Sur Coastline. We were all a bit hesitant beforehand. After a very warm week, the weather tuned nasty and cold. I made the image below during a scouting excursion on Wednesday. But by Friday morning, we had light rain and clouds which were forecast for the rest of the weekend. A was telling the students that "bad weather means good photography" and to "look for the opportunity, not the obstacles". Words that my long-time mentor and good friend, Galen Rowell, taught and believed in throughout his career. In this group, everyone listened closely, and by Saturday afternoon we all had amazing new captures. Galen's words were still relevant and wise, years after his passing. Sunday was nastier, and the group was a bit tired. We spent the day critiquing, and learning the more subtle tricks of Lightroom CC. I love to teach - and I always learn from my students.