Heaven in the Northwest

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May 2016
Silver Fall State Park, ORegon
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Margaret and I have been off on our first vacation without kids in 27 years. All of you parents out there can imagine some of our feelings. Margaret wants to be Mom, I want to be Dad, and we both miss Dylan and Sabrina. We drove almost an hour round-trip one evening to talk to them. We should have Face-Timed them too! We started at McArthur-Burney Falls State Park, then up along the Oregon Coast and later headed to the Columbia Gorge. It has been a wonderfully scenic journey, taking me back to places that I barely remember as a child, to more spots that I wanted to revisit during my years of the show circuit where there just wasn't time to shoot. Only occasionally do I make my best work on a first visit to any given location. This capture this was my fourth trip to the same spot as far as I can remember.  I need to mindfully feel, and get it right in the camera, and then massage later in Lightroom. Our brains (pre-visualizing what Lightroom can do) make the our images, not our computers.