Glacier Point and the Milky Way

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June 2016
Yosemite National Park, CA
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The full Milky Way appears early in the eastern sky early in the summer. But research before you leave home. What is the proper place for you? (The old "The Night Sky" planispheres from Amazon are a great tool. All these new Star Apps for our IPhones are too hard to figure out!) Is this place meaningful to you, does it engage the right-side of your brains? The Milky Way is a common subject these days with all the remarkable digital cameras available now. Make your capture special! Will you need two exposures to combine later in Photoshop? What about light-painting? One needs to careful about exposure, too long shutter speed leads to moving stars. And be sure to pre-focus your lens before nightfall. Tape in in place, and switch to manual focus. Best of luck!!!