McArthur Burney Falls

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April 2016
McArthur Burney State Falls Park, CA
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McArthur Burney Falls is in northern California near Mount Lassen. I must have camped here during my trips with parents camping in the wilds of California. I had a distant memory of the park, but not the falls itself. Over the past twenty years or so, I must have driven right by the entrance many, many times on the way to shows in Oregon and Washington. In the spring of 2016, my wife Margaret and I made time for a spring camping trip, without ANY kids along. We parked the trailer, and walked over to the falls. The first viewpoint is all of 100 feet from the road, and I knew right then, this would be a wonderful location. I worked the falls and the creek below for parts of  two days. This image was captured at the end of that period. I need several shooting sessions to really FEEL the location and to decide just the correct composition and light.