Precipice Lake

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August 1985
Sequoia National Park, California
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This image is my first signature piece. Its success helped push me into a career as a full-time photographer. My inspiration came from seeing Ansel Adams' famous black and white photo of a frozen Precipice Lake using a much different concept. My friend and fellow photographer Claude Fiddler, my wife Margaret, and I made the trip together. We set out from the west side of the Sierra Nevada for two days on a hot, dusty trail. When we arrived, I was surprised to see the striking effervescent green of the water. I had only been shooting large format for 4 years at the time. There was still a big learning curve. I used no filters or polarizers. It was possibly blind luck that the old Ektachrome 64 film worked so well for the image. I only managed one original of this scene at the time.