Super Bloom 2022 #1

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March 2022
We are now offering a selection of impeccably produced Epson Ultrachrome Prints, unique Giclee Canvases, and luminescent Metal Prints.
For all patrons, pay for two images and take a third at NO cost. There are always discounts for multiple prints orders. And for all my valued clients, I prefer to have a personal connection. Please call/text me. 760 934 5100

This year looks like a Super Bloom! I spent three days this March living and camping in the Super Bloom, every second with my camera was an incomparable moment. A good friend, and a fine photographer, Jody Langford, gave me some good hints about the best locations. And I will gladly return the favor with him. He appreciates the foothills and I possess the knowledge of Eastern Sierra autumn shooting. You might think that an experienced shooter would not make serious errors – but I did one on an important afternoon. The memory card was full, and I ALWAYS travel with spare cards. But I believed all was transferred to my computer, I formatted the card, and then I realized after a bit, that this days’ shooting was not done! I was bummed for a bit, but soon realized that I had time to return and get my captures re-done in better light. The Universe works in mysterious ways.

I’m sorry, but locations are not listed these days. The Internet has wrecked many spots, and I trampled an occasional poppy and lupine too. I did not feel good about this, despite my careful foot placements, so do some research, you will find your own secret spots!