The Essense of Tenaya Canyon

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Septmeber 2021
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Late summer and the early autumn months are the best time for older photographers to work at the Milky Way and other night photography. Yes, I am getting older and regular sleep is an issue in life these days. The Milky Way comes out much earlier that early summer, and we all get I good night’s sleep. This location is above Tenaya Canyon, and I have worked here for years. There are several good captures on the webpage from this area, but I was always stumped a bit with the Milky Way. It is a “mature” spot where many images have been made over the years, and a new Milky Way image needs special in some different ways. Naturally we all get more skilled as time passes and this year during a meditation my mind drifted along to a new concept. I imagined an image during the late blue-hour for the closer areas, and then the Milky Way and hour later right before true darkness occurs, usually about two hours after sunset. There was still light in the sky when the Milky Way was in the correct location, and as I have known previously, the light after the new Moon can be just amazing with the correct composition . Your foreground light up almost my magic, and the stars are out at the same time. This was the new idea I had conceptualized during my meditation. I had been sipping a bottle of Chardonnay waiting for the Milky Way, but I sobered up instantly when I grasped the budding potential here in this capture. I am quite pleased with this capture.