Winter Aspen - Eastern Sierra

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Near Mammoth Lakes, CA
March 1991
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Several years ago, as I was going through old work, I came across this image and put it in the back of my mind.  I came across it again just a few months ago and realized that, though it was originally done in 1991, it is very relevant to my work today.  It was a difficult image to print back in the darkroom days, but with new digital technologies it was relatively ease to realize a truer expression of the moment from all those years ago.  It’s been in the back of my mind for almost 30 years as an unrealized concept, and I was only now able to bring it to life.  Even the original story was incomplete: “I had worked on this location for years.  Finally on this winter day, the falling snow covered the normally distracting forest floor and softened the background.”  I knew even in 1991 that bad weather and snow are great for photography, but this has become more and more true as the years go by and I find myself looking to do something different with my work.