A Gorgeous Sunset in January at Ruby Beach

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January 2023
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I've made six trips to Ruby Beach. During the first, way back in 2009, it was raining so hard that I could barely see the trail. Last summer, the road was closed. Then this January alone, I visited four times with Dylan, which was special on its own. Each day had possibilities, but the last day was the finest. It was a beautiful, clear day at the end of January -- no wind, and no other visitors. We waited for hours, with the best light happening in the last few minutes. I was also impressed by the 15stop density range with my new Sony. There is incredible range density in this image, from the amazing setting sun all the way to deep shadows in the sea stack. 

Earlier, we spent two beautiful nights right on the beach. The winter rates were unbeatable, less than half of what they are in summer, and we got two magical evenings with the windows all the way open to the sea. Ruby Beach is a wonderful place to take time to reflect. Here, I took a long moment to think on how challenges, mistakes, and failures are inevitable in life, and that perhaps we should forgive ourselves more often.