The Historic Storm of January 2017

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January 2017
Convict Lake, California
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My daughter, Sabrina was home from Yale, and we chose the first afternoon of clearing clouds and showers. When we arrived Convict Lake the sky was clear, and I was disappointed. The conditions were prime for a "once-in-a- lifetime" image, but the sun was out, there were few clouds to soften the bright contrast of the afternoon. After mulling over the possibilities for a bit, we realized the sun would set in a perfect location over Laurel Mountain and I had only minutes to prepare the capture. I was NOT "mindfully rested and quiet" after the Holidays, and I had last used the camera for real on my last trip to San Francisco. The shot presented itself as a panoramic, and it needed a three-stop split ND filter. Even with my Canon 5DSR the contrast was still too much, as shown by a glance at the histogram. Exposure needed to be planed in advance for a pano, and just that instant I discovered that I would have one chance to capture the setting sun with a classic starburst!