A Quiet Afternoon along Tioga Pass

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November 2017

For me, winter is a time of contemplation and reflection. It is time for Lightroom and a time to organize my work from the previous year, but also a time to mindlessly review captures from the other years. I go back at random, wherever my memory and feelings leads me. I love this process, and it's a natural idea of the power Lightroom. My right-side brain is in control. Many times I go back and with new feelings, or new ideas in Lightroom, and come up with viable images to add to my portfolio. Maybe I didn't get it "right" the first time! Here is a good example of a most satisfying image from my Yosemite visit in late fall of 2017 (I am always making trips to the Valley late in the season). It seems like I have set my eyes upon the Tioga Road thousands of times over the years. It might be 50 years by now! Stormy weather is good weather for photography. Many times the road is scheduled to close at 5PM in anticipation of a coming winter storm. This time I slipped past the closure at Crane Flat a few minutes before five. Just before then, I ventured into the clouds and fog from the upcoming storm. The car seemed to stop by itself along the Tioga Road, I stepped outside, and was blown away by the quiet, the soft light along the road. I knew it was a charmed moment for my career. There were many captures to be done, but as I glanced up and to the storm in the west, I was sure this was the best. I will cherish these minutes by the river for the rest of my life.